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MIRAI CALIBRATION LABORATORY PTE LTD founded to serve the calibration requirements of numerous organizations and organisations.Mirai Laboratory is accredited underneath the SACSINGLAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 benchmarks for the sphere of Calibration & measurement .
The Laboratory is provided with elite instrument calibration devices for equally Major and Working / Transfer requirements.The Calibration Accuracy of your Learn Devices that we use is traceable to your Nationwide/Global Normal.

MIRAI Calibration with Skilled specialized leadership benefit included expert services enable your organization boost processes, do away with hurdles to output, and drastically improve performance and throughput.Mirai Calibration gives professional Calibration And Measurement provider in all significant machines varieties (Digital, mechanical, strain, temperature, force and NDT Tests and even more).The result? Sizeable discounts in time and cash and the assurance that the gear now satisfies rigorous marketplace calibration specifications. Mirai Calibration approach permits your group to deal with functions that include benefit to the core business enterprise.We firmly believe in instilling core values of small business into our consumers.Low price tag will get you Careers but organised traceability technique and supports lead time will earn you hearts.


Most typical Types Calibrated @ Mirai Calibration Laboratory involves:

Pressure and Vacuum Calibration Simply click HereTemperature CalibrationMass and Stability CalibrationElectrical CalibrationDimensional Devices CalibrationOther Marine shipyard & industry instrument

Mirai Calibration Laboratory Pte Ltd
53, Tuas South Avenue 1,
Tuas Cove Industrial Centre,
Singapore 637 606

We welcome the opportunity to address your calibration enquiry. Please contact us with any concerns or better more valve services deal regarding your instruments and equipment enquiry at:

Mr.Eric Chuar (65) 9232 2562

Email :ericsalescalibration@gmail.com

Tel: +65 6734 3989 Fax: +65 6261 3304
Website : http://www.miraicalibration.com.sg

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